"I want to
be the best
I can be."

"I want to
be the best
I can be."


Pretium is a Latin word that means Value, Performance and Acknowledgement. The whole approach is based on Bible Values that will lead to the student to perform for which they will receive acknowledgement.
Pretium Private Schools accommodate learners from the age 4 to Grade 12. Our Classes accommodate up to 20 – 25 learners.
The school is double medium (English and Afrikaans). We focus on the needs of working parents and offer before school care and aftercare until 18:00. Pretium Private School are a mainstream schools. The Department of Education Curriculum (CAPS) are implemented. We offer additional subjects to the curriculum for example Bible study, Chess and Robotics for all grades.

From Grade RRR - Grade 12

Pretium Private School can accommodate learners from age 4 to Grade 12. Our Classes are made up of no more than 20 learners per class.
Our Preschool, Primary school and High school operate at the highest standards and we follow The Department of Education set curriculum (CAPS).
We also offer additional subjects to the curriculum like Bible study, Chess and Robotics for all grades.


A learner must benefit from Pretium’s curriculum and it is therefore necessary to assess each application for admission. Applicants are assessed according to the normal entry requirements and personal interviews are requested. In Grade 9 and Grade 10, only learners with academic merit and a good behaviour reference will be considered for enrolment.
PLEASE NOTE:  We adhere to the South African Schools Act, number 84 of 1996, to determine age requirements for admission. Learners applying for admission may not be younger or more than two years older than the appropriate age in each grade.

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Start of Classes

Welcoming of our new grade 1’s to the Foundation Phase.
With hearts fluttering and plenty of nerves we will join in the excitement of welcoming our new grade 1’s on their first day of school.  


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 Respecting adults, students and environment  • Self discipline based on respect  • Hardworking and punctuation  • Honesty – Truth will always come to light  • Integrity – respect of each other culture and beliefs  • Patience – NEVER GIVE UP!  • Friendliness – Calms people  • Loving – Resolves all problems  • Self Confidence – Believing in your God given talents


The Pretium Private Schools MISSION is to create a climate of goodwill, enthusiasm, dedication and co-operation, to stimulate and motivate the learners to obtain education and life skills necessary to guide the learners towards responsible adulthood and to take their rightful place in society.


The Pretium Private Schools vision states:
• Offers children a balanced, Christian Education through individual attention.
• With clearly defined parameters of discipline based on the Bible.
• Enforce Christian values and creative thinking so that the student can become a highly qualified citizen in South Africa or in the world.