Student Code of Conduct


One of the fundamental principles in Education is without doubt, self-discipline. Bearing this in mind we realise how important punctuality is to students and teachers alike. Many valuable hours are lost in this way.

  • Students must be on time for school and extra-mural activities. All classes are to be attended punctually.
  • No appointments, whatsoever, should be made during school hours.
  • No students will be called out of classes.
  • Sick students are to stay at home and return with valid doctor’s certificates.
  • Permission to leave the school premises may only be obtained from the Principal, who will supply the student with a signed permission letter.
  • Parents are to be notified of continuous transgressions in this regard.


  • The primary factor dictating the behaviour of students is that they should at all times be committed to their responsibility of learning at school. This implies that their behaviour has to be disciplined and tolerant of one another, the teachers and the environment.
  • The authority of parents to play an active role in helping with the discipline of their children is recognized.
  • Students accept the disciplinary code for students of Pretium Private Schools.


Self-respect is of paramount importance in the school environment.

A student has to show respect towards his/her Creator, parents, each other and his/her teachers.

It is only through the recognition of the worthiness, dignity and equality of each person that this fundamental democratic principle can be achieved. We have to recognise that all forms of bias especially racial, ethnic and gender are dehumanising.

A Pretium Private School’s student respects:

  • The school (property and environment);
  • His/her school rules;
  • Teachers;
  • Prefects;
  • Other students;
  • Wearing his/her school uniform with pride;
  • Academic books;
  • Other people’s belongings;
  • The culture of respect for learning


Students must at all times be committed to their responsibility of learning at school.

This implies that their behaviour has to constitute a disciplined and tolerant manner of dealing with each other, with the teachers as well as the environment.

Any person who:

  • acts disrespectfully or disruptively;
  • talks while another person or teacher is busy explaining something in a class or group;
  • speaking of negative things about the school or other human beings
  • does not obey school rules (or code of conduct);
  • does not respect time, thus does not arrive at school well in time for the school day;
  • brings weapons or may endanger the safety of others;
  • brings, consumes or distributes drugs or alcohol on school property;

Is behaving in a manner that is not acceptable

Such a person shall be liable to:

  • Negative points on the Achiever list of the school
  • Appear before the school disciplinary committee
  • Be suspended from school

Dealing with the infringements must always be governed by the following fundamental principles:

  • Due process
  • The disciplinary process must be fair, just, corrective and educational


Students must be in time for school and all other school functions.


All students are expected to commit themselves to their schoolwork with enthusiasm and dedication.