General Registration Procedures

Ensure all relevant forms are readily available.

When someone enters reception, immediately pay attention to them, greet friendly and enquire how you can help. Treat everyone with respect.

During the registration period the Principal should be available to show prospective students / parents the school and to interview new Grade 10-11 students and advise them on subject choices.

Subject choices must be discussed with all Grade 10-11 students (Grade 12 students are not allowed to change subjects), and the subject choice form completed.

Explain the school fee structure clearly and pay attention to the following:

  • 12-month payment (the year fee is split into months)
  • Discount (if applicable)
  • Registration fee
  • Means of payment – EFT and Debit Card Payment
  • Mark the applicable amount (per grade) on the fee structure

Assist with the completion of the application / registration form for new students and check and ensure that the details of old students are still correct and applicable.

The registration form, student pledge and indemnity form should be completed in full and signed by the parent / guardian and submitted with the following:

  • Official birth certificate
  • Proof that the child has been immunised against communicable diseases
  • Certified copy of ID (for both the student and the person responsible for payments)
  • Two ID photos
  • Copy of previous year’s results /report (do not keep any originals, just mark that you have seen the original)
  • If applicable – a report of previous school attended
  • If applicable – a transfer letter of previous school attended
  • Subject choice form (only for Grade 10-11)
  • Full registration fee

Enter the students details on the registration list for the applicable grade and allocate a P number.

Please take note of the following:

In the Primary schools a maximum of 25 students will be allowed per class, in Grades 8 and 9 a maximum of 20 and for Grades 10, 11 and 12 a maximum of 20, before the application for registration closes.

The parent / guardian / sponsor should receive a letter of confirmation of registration.