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Admission Policy

Pretium Private Schools adhere to the South African Schools Act (No. 84 of 1996) and the provincial department of education regulations guiding admissions.

  1. The Board of Directors determines the admission policy of Pretium Private Schools.
  2. The Principal is responsible for its application in accordance with the Schools Act.
  3. Race, religion or culture affiliation shall not limit admission.
  4. Pretium Private Schools reserves the right of admission to the schools.
  5. Students will be accepted in Grade 00 and Grade 0 and in Grade 1 in terms of the age requirements set out in the Schools Act.
  6. On providing evidence of passing the previous grade, students will be accepted for the next grade.       Evidence will include a transfer letter and the latest original report from the previous school, stating the highest grade passed.
  7. When applying for admission, parents / guardians must present the school with an official birth certificate or Identification document (ID) and proof that the child has been immunised against communicable diseases. For non-SA citizens, a study permit, temporary or permanent residence permit, or evidence of application for permission to stay in SA should be supplied.
  8. Students must follow the curriculum offered by Pretium Private Schools.
  9. Students must undertake to abide by the schools policies and Code of Conduct.
  10. Students expelled from any other school, older than 19 years of age or who has a criminal record will not be accepted.


The age of admission to Grade 1 is 5 years if the child turns 6 on or before 30 June in their Grade 1 year. However, if parents have reason to believe that their child is not school-ready at the age 5 turning 6, then they can choose to send the child to Grade 1 at age 6 turning 7.