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Application Policy

Learners will be assessed according to the normal entry requirements and, if necessary, personal interviews will be requested. Please note that Pretium Private Schools do not discriminate on the basis of social or financial status, race, gender, language or religion.


Download the relevant forms from the bottom of this page. Complete a set of forms per child and attach the applicable documents:

  • CEMIS Transfer Document (if learner is moving from another school)
  • 2 Passport Photos (colour) of the learner
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or ID Document of the learner
  • Copy of learner’s Residence Permit or Study Permit (Foreign Learners)
  • Copy of latest Report Card or Academic Progress of the learner
  • Signed Financial Terms & Conditions (included with Application for Admission Form)
  • Signed General Indemnity (included with Application for Admission Form)
  • Copy of both parents’ ID Documents
  • Copy of Health Profile / Health Chart / Vaccination Records of the learner
  • Copy of both parents’ ID Documents
  • Subject Choice Form for learners applying for the FET Phase (Gr 10 – Gr 12) Form available from the school.
  • Signed permission to use photographs of learner.
  • Completed Meridian Debit Order Instruction if this is your preferred method of payment.

Applications, can be submitted in one of the following ways:


Tiptol street Silverton


(only PDF and Jpeg documents)


Pretium Private School will respond with an e-mail to confirm the provisional acceptance of the learner. Upon final acceptance, a letter of confirmation and invoice for the administration fee of  R1 000 will be received. Payment must be made to confirm acceptance of place for the next academic year. SCHOOL FEES for 12 months are payable monthly in advance by means of a cash deposit at the bank, EFT (electronic funds transfer) or debit order on or before the 2nd day of each calendar month or yearly in advance by 30 December, depending on the fee payment option exercised in the Application for Admission Form.  Please see the Application for Admission Form for the Financial Terms and Conditions.  Please take note that no cash will be accepted at the school. Pretium Private Schools provide discount for parents with 3 or more children in the school.