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Classroom Conduct

Every student is expected to:

Be punctual:

  • Arrive at class on time so that you are ready to start the lesson. Lateness is inconsiderate, because it disrupts the efforts of both your teacher and your fellow students.
  • Take out what you need for your lesson as soon as you get to your desk or table. Do not wait to be told to do so. This shows that you are mature, responsible and self-motivated.

Be prepared:

  • Bring what is needed to the lesson, the books, stationary and writing implements you need, your homework done and, most importantly, be ready to learn and contribute to the lesson.

Be respectful:

  • Stand when an adult enters the room. You do this to show respect for the adult concerned. Wait for either your teacher or the adult concerned to ask you to sit.
  • Greet your teacher at the start and end of each lesson.
  • Respect your teacher and your peers by not talking when your teacher is talking. If you want to contribute, raise your hand and wait for your teacher to invite you to contribute. Listen to your peers during classroom discussion, and wait your turn to make a contribution.
  • Do not pack away your books until the teacher has indicated that the lesson is over. This disrupts the lesson and is inconsiderate to your peers and your teacher.
  • Respect the property of others and of the school. Do not deface desks, steal drawing pins, mess with chalk, fiddle with the overhead projector or borrow things without permission.

Be supportive:

  • Do what you can to make everyone feel happy and accepted in the class.
  • With the permission of your teacher, help those who might be struggling.