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Student Portfolio Policy

Student portfolio: each student is required to keep a portfolio of evidence of his/her personal work for each subject as listed on the portfolio guidelines document for that subject. The material (evidence) must be stored and catalogued in the manner prescribed in the portfolio guidelines document provided by their subject teacher.


This policy applies to all students, in all grades, for all subjects and learning areas. No exceptions will be made with respect to the submission of assignments and projects. Students will not be permitted to choose to receive 0 rather than hand in an assignment or project.

It is the student’s responsibility to maintain his or her portfolio.


Deadlines for the submission of work and test dates will be decided by the subject teachers in consultation with the Principal. Once deadlines or dates have been assigned, they are fixed. Request for a change will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

Students are required to hand in work on the due date to their teacher, in person. If a student is absent from school on the due date as a result of ill-health, arrangements must be made to have work delivered to school on the due date.


Penalties will be imposed for work that is handed in after the due date. A penalty of 10% of the final mark will be deducted for each day after the due date that the work is overdue up to a maximum of three days (30%).

Students who still have not completed the work three days after the deadline will be required to stay after school for a number of hours (as determined by their teacher) to complete the work. Their mark assigned for the work will be reduced by 50%. Their parents will be informed in writing and the reason for the penalty. A copy of this letter, signed by their parent, must be attached to the work, and filed in their portfolio.