Subject Policy


Learning area / subject portfolio: each learning area / subject head is required to keep a portfolio of all material related to the assessment of the subject for the year for each grade.

The portfolio must include the following:

  • the assessment plan for the year for each grade
  • the formal CASS assessments for each grade, including the memorandum for each assessment (once completed)
  • a copy of the examination papers and memorandum for each grade (once completed)
  • the learning programmes, work schedule and lesson plans for each grade (once completed)
  • the subject averages, symbol and code distribution for each grade for each subject or learning area
  • the mark list for each grade listing, for each student, all marks included as part of the formal assessment as well as the average mark for each assessment
  • a student portfolio guidelines document for each grade which:
    • lists the documents and evidence that must be included in their portfolio for the subject
    • provides students with guidelines on how to manage their portfolio, including information on which evidence to store, how the material should be stored, and suitable ways of cataloguing their material
    • provides students with guidelines on selecting additional material for inclusion with their portfolio, and how this should be stored and catalogued